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Love staring at live Asian girls? Too shy to actually approach and speak to them? Is "online" your preferred medium of communication? You don't want to go watch professional porn actresses; you're looking for the "girl next door", and you like the idea of being able to see her without her being able to see you. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to get your voyeurism-fix without resorting to dangerous activities like stalking?

I stumbled across this site, LiveでGO!GO!, while searching for... um... something else. It's a site where you can watch Japanese girls via their webcams and optionally chat with them. They claim to have 6400 girls, and are adding about 100 every month.

If all you want to do is look at the girls, that's free. When you load up the site, you'll see a bunch of thumbnails, with an "online" or "busy" indicator. Click on any girl with the "online" indicator and you'll see a live stream, as well as her profile. Here's a translation guide for you.

Japanese TermEnglish Term
年齢Age; 地域 means "secret".
地域District; 北海道 is Hokaido, 東京 is Tokyo, 大阪 is Osaka, 京都 is Kyoto, 沖縄 is Okinawa, 近畿 is Kinki, 中国 is China, 海外 means "Foreign Country".
職業Occupation; 学生 means "student", 主婦 means Housewife, 保母 means Nurse, 教師 means Teacher, ウエイトレス means Waitress, デザイナー means Programmer, プログラマー means Secretary, OL means Office Lady, 公務員 means Model, キャンギャル means "Can-Girl" (Campaign Girl, the girls who stand next to products at conventions and shows), 風俗嬢 is an umbrella term for girls who work in the sex industry, その他 means "misc." or "etc."
身長Height, listed in centimeters (cm).
3サイズMeasurements. Bust, Waist, Hips, listed in centimeters.
血液型Blood type. Can be A, B, AB or O.
趣味Hobbies/Interests; 映画 means "films" for example, "料理" means cooking.
性格Personality type. おっとり means gentle, いや means argumentative, セクシー means sexy, etc.
出没時間What time is she usually online. 不規則 means irregularly, 夜 means evenings, 深夜 means late nights, 早朝 means early morning, 昼 means noon. Note that this is probably with respect to Japan's time zones.

女の子検索 means "Girl search", so if you have a specific fetish (e.g. 18-25 year old sex workers in Tokyo), you can search for girls matching those criterias).

Note that while you are watching, the screen may suddenly go red and the words "busy" appear. That means someone has started a one-on-one chat with her. You can start a chat too, but unless you actually speak Japanese, I'm not sure what you should expect out of doing so. The 分 character means "minute", so when you see "1pt/分" that means it'll cost one point per minute to speak to the character. You can get 10 points for free just for filling in your e-mail address. After that, you have to pay for points; the rates differ depending on how many minutes you buy (i.e. you get a bulk discount), but the rate is something on the order of 70 Canadian cents per minute. The site points out that this is a pre-paid system, and NOT a membership system, so that you cannot accidentally forget to unsubscribe, for example, and end up with a huge bill at the end of the month. You're only charged exactly what you were willing to pay. Another advantage of the pre-pay system, they point out, is that they will not send you any embrassing bills.

There is support for 2 way video chats (assuming you have a webcam as well), and voice chats. There's also a mailbox system where you can send mail to the girls through their internal system. This service is free (i.e. costs zero points), but I bet the girls make commission based on the video chats, so probably the girls will try to encourage you to video chat with them, and then eventually ignore you if they realize you're not going to do so. If you're using this site mostly to satiate your stalking urges, getting ignored like this is probably a BAD thing, so I advise you, for your own psychological health, to avoid using the mail system.

The site stresses that this is NOT an "adult" service. They ask you to respect the girl and do not ask her to reveal personal information about herself. They say that they do not monitor the chats against adult content, and what is considered acceptable or unacceptable behaviour is strictly between you and the girl, however the girl does have a "Kick" button, and if she kicks you twice, your account cannot interact with that girl ever again.

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1. Leafy Person said:
Not an adult service? These housewives, students, nurses (snickers!!! wink wink!!) get paid to provide a human face for anonymous Johns/wankers to masturbate or fantasize on; that's probably considered «cultural exchange». Not that there's anything wrong with that... Nowadays, even prostitutes have to be computer-savvy.
Posted on Sun December 18th, 2005, 5:10 PM EST acknowledged
2. Ringohime said:
There are many mistakes in translation, but I won't bother to point them out. I just wanted to give a warning to other readers about that.
Posted on Sun December 18th, 2005, 6:32 PM EST acknowledged

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