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鬼作, or "Kisaku", is based on a game of the same name by Elf. The story opens with the lead character (named Kisaku) explaining that he is the brother of the pervert that recently got arrested, which is why he looks just like him. I haven't played the game, so I can't be sure, but I figure that in the game, the lead male character gets arrested, and they wanted to continue the story from there, and they didn't want to design a new character, so they just claimed this new character is the brother. It's a hentai anime.

Characters: Mostly uninteresting an unmemorable. I couldn't really keep track of which female character was who. Towards the second half of the series (which is 6 episodes long, so starting around episode 4), one girl keeps coming up, but nobody manages to have sex with her until the very last episode, so she stood out. Character developt is on par for hentais, meaning the girls are initially unconsenting (i.e. they're raped), but then come to enjoy the experience and eventually want more, and are willing to trade their dignity (e.g. appear naked in public places, help recruit other girls, etc.) in exchange for more sex. Kisaku himself has a few catch phrases, e.g. "Getchu!" whenever he "gets" a new girl, and he occasionally spouts out bits of Japanese poetry (e.g. "cover the ass, but expose the pussy") which made Meiko laugh (I guess there was a pun in there somewhere or something), but otherwise is uninteresting as well.

Plot: The first half of the series is just Kisaku raping/seducing girls. During the second half, the wants to have sex with this particular girl, but for whatever reason, doesn't (nothing ever seemed to stop him before, so I don't know what makes this girl so exceptional). Then this other pervert enters the story and, during the 6th episode, manages to have sex with her. One of Kisaku's girls tells Kisaku this, and he gets pissed off, goes beat up the other pervert, and then has sex with the girl as well. That's when the police come in and bust Kisaku.

Visuals: A bit above standard. Kisaku's face, in particular, is farily highly detailed. The anime is not as detailed or well drawn as the screenshots from the game however.

Closing Comments: Just so you know, the fetish that this hentai caters to is enemas. Every episode, a girl gets an enema; the liquid that comes out of her anus is white though (as opposed to, say, brown), so I guess it's that "scatless enema" genre. Other than that, it was just an average series. No reason I can see to recommend it over any other series. 5.5/10.

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