Maria Full Of Grace
[Movie Review]

I recently saw Maria Full Of Grace, and it's a tough movie for me to review, 'cause there just isn't much there. That's not to say the film is bad; It's actually quite successful at what it aims to be: It's emotion-candy.

The plot goes like this: A seventeen year old Columbian girl named Maria gets tired of her job, her family and her boyfriend, and decides to look for a new life elsewhere. On her way to the neighboring city, she gets offered a job as a mule transporting pellets of drugs in her stomach to America, which she accepts. From that point on, various bad things happen. Etc. The movie tries to present a believable "it could happen to you" story, which means you won't find amazing conspiracy/coincidences that thicken the plot, nor a brilliant plan to turn the situation around into a happy ending.

The music wasn't particularly noticeable, except for the very last song that plays during the ending sequence and continues onto the credits. I thought that song was beautiful enough to warrant looking for the soundtrack. A search which turned up nothing, by the way.

The acting was very good. There's a good mix of emotionally intense scenes sprinkled throughout the movie. A particularly memorable example is the scene in which one of the mules has a pellet break inside of her, causing an overdose.

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