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「KISSより。。。」, which was inexplicably renamed "A Heat For All Seasons" in the North American release, was actually based on the dating sim of the same name, released on the WonderSwan. From what I understand, this anime's plot is basically one of the paths that can be taken through that game. This review contains spoilers, but the plot is pretty formulaic anyway.

The story of KISS is spread over 3 episodes of about half an hour each, titled "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter Heat". The main protagonist is Masato, an aspiring writer. During his summer job as a waiter at a beach resort, he bumps into a girl he had a crush on back in highschool (Chihiro). As luck would have it, she has a crush on him too. There's a misunderstanding &emdash; Masato thinks the guy who's hanging out with Chihiro is her boyfriend, but he's her cousin &emdash; but by the end of the episode, Masato and Chihiro declare their love for each other and have sex.

In the autumn episode, Masato's back in school, which unfortunately means his relationship with Chihiro has now become a long distance one. They plan to go to a concert in Tokyo together for a Sunday, but through a series of event, Masato ends up in Tokyo on Saturday with another girl and won't be able to make it to back to his hometown by Sunday morning. He calls Chihiro to cancel the date, but unwilling to admit that he's staying sleeping over at a girl's house, he claims he's busy with schoolwork. Chihiro asks another guy to come with her to the concert, and as luck would have it, Chihiro and her date bumps into Masato and his date. They walk by each other trying not to react but later, Masato decides to go back and explain things to Chihiro. Meanwhile, Chihiro is pissed at Masato and the guy she's with starts hitting with, so she agrees to kiss give him. Then she feels guilty about it, and apologizes to the guy, saying she still loves her boyfriend. Masato arrives just in time to see the kiss, and then runs away in anger before seeing her tell the guy she still loves Masato. Takes a lot of words to explain, but pretty typical right?

In Winter Heat, Masato decide it's over between Chihiro and him, so he starts dating his other girl, who also wants to be a writer. This new girl reads a draft of Masato's novel in progress, which was largely based on his relationship with Chihiro, and the new girl tells Masato to go back to Chihito, since it's obvious from his writing that he loves her. So he does.

By the way, all these girls he meets, Masato has sex with them. So it could be described as a hentai, but it's closer to a paperback romance novel than a copy of Playboy. Refreshingly enough, there is no censorship during the sex scenes. The genitals are fully drawn out, including the male's. Also, none of the male characters have that "indecisive loser", nor the "misogenistic asshole" personality that plagues so many other hentais. There's also a "MAS Burger" chain of fast food restaurants, which I "get" now that I've been to Japan.

The music is subpar. In particular, the song that plays during the closing credits is very grating to the ears. It has some sort of French accordian feel to it.

There isn't too much going for this anime. I'm guessing it's great for people who loved the game, 'cause it's pretty rare for a game to get made into an anime. 2.5 out of 10.

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